Swasti Ear Tunnels
Swasti Ear Tunnels

Swasti Ear Tunnels

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The repetitive geometric design of these eyelets was inspired by one of the most ancient sacred Buddhist and Hindu symbol of Swastika.  
It has been used for over 3,000 years. (That predates the ancient Egyptian symbol, the Ankh)
The word swastika derives from the Sanskrit 'svastika' - "lucky or auspicious object". 
And particular a mark made on persons and things to denote auspiciousness, or any piece of luck or well-being.

Double flared flesh tunnels. Made from Jewelry Grade Brass. Back flare is 1mm bigger then the tunnel body.

If you are not sure, please pay a visit to your local piercer to measure your size as we wont be able to make a refund on any piercing jewelry.

All our pieces are made of the highest quality jewelry grade metals
Nickel free and skin friendly. You can secure your tunnels even more by wearing a rubber o-ring at the back, which you can find in any piercing studio. All tunnels are sold as a pair.