Phora Bell Earring
Phora Bell Earring

Phora Bell Earring

You Are Infinite

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✧PHORA BELL Earrings ✧

The microcosm in the macrocosm

A poetic interpretation of the Ocean's tiniest creatures. Inspired by the microscopic organisms, permeating every little inch of vast sea, that are an integral part of our entire Earth's ecology. The PHORA BELL Earrings are a symbolic acknowledgement of the microcosms that exist in our macrocosm. Irregardless of how small an organism, entity, or creature, we all have our part to play in grand game of life. Remember that every thought, action, and feeling cascades into an infinite series of after effects. Find awareness in all that you engage in, whether thoughts, actions or feelings, no matter the size or importance, it will create an infinite ripple effect of splendour if you embody it in love and divinity. Find and create the magic, from the smallest aspects of your world around you. As you hear the bells jingle, ring and sing, remember, we are all our own individual universes living in an infinite world of universe together, creating the vast eternal One. 

Cast by Hand in Gold Brass, with Sterling Silver hooks. 
From top to bottom they measure approximately 8 cm
These beauties are a little bit heavy and may (but don't have to) be worn with gauge tunnels.