Nazca Earrings
Nazca Earrings

Nazca Earrings


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A beautiful, unique and high quality piece, perfect for giving to someone special or as a gift to yourself. These hand-crafted earrings look good on everyone and will not go unnoticed!

The design of these earrings was inspired by the Nazca lines found in Peru, these ancient geoglyphs were so large that they could only be seen from within a plane flying over them. A series of spirals and lines that stretched more than 80 kilometers long.

The body is cast from brass, then polished and hand-finished with sterling silver ear-pins. The final piece is then silver-plated with sterling silver, then given a ceramic coating so that the plating lasts.

All earrings are made for standard holes, the sterling silver pin is 0.8mm and will fit anybody.

Sold as pairs

Materials: Brass, Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 36 x 41 mm
Weight: 6,2g each