Lunar Cicada Locket W/Gem Necklace

Lunar Cicada Locket W/Gem Necklace

You Are Infinite

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✧LUNAR CICADA ✧ Wish Locket Gem Pendant 
✧ Black Cubic Zirconia ✧ Oxidized Sterling Silver


Born of the Earth, just like us humans, the Cicada emerges into this world in one form only to transform, through the process of Metamorphosis, into another. An ancient symbol for rebirth, regeneration, and immortality, this insect has long represented the ever morphing, yet always present, cycles of nature. 

Perhaps you are at a crossroad or preparing to make immense changes to your life? Where ever you find yourself... Where ever you are headed...May the resonance of Rebirth and Metamorphosis sing to your heart, like the Cicada’s melody sings us to sleep on a summer’s night. 

Inspired by the infinitely transformative nature of the Human psyche, this amulet resonates tones of rebirth, longevity, and passion. May they permeate through your being all the days of your life.

From wing to wing the Cicada measures 5 cm 
From top to bottom it measures just over 5 cm
Round Black Cubic Zirconia measures 16 mm Diameter
On 50 cm chain

The back of the abdomen opens up like a locket to cradle a small scroll of paper, or your own secret fairy treasure.