Blooming Seed Of Life Necklace

Blooming Seed Of Life Necklace

You Are Infinite

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✧ Blooming Seed Of Life Lotus Necklace ✧ 
✧ GOLD BRASS ✧ Infinity ~ AETERNA INSIGNIA Collection


The intentions have been sown, the mantras sung, and all around you the world seems to sing back in harmonic synchronicity. The Blooming Seed is a symbol of growth, trust and active co-creation with our incredible Universe.  

Where our focus goes, energy flows. Remain conscious of one's own inner work, know that every moment is a choice and not a decision, to come into alignment with with our own highest path. 

Let this Blooming Lotus be a daily reminder to you that you are everything you could ever imagine and so much more. Blossom forth and mirror the magic that this world offers you.

5 cm in diameter 
Chain measures approximately 47 cm or 18.5"